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ReNew Lending Renovation Loans

Ask us about the different renovation loans and loan possibilities

Did you know you can Purchase a Home and Renovate it at the same time with a FHA 203k loan? 

A few things we’re good at!

Our team members are experts in the industry. Wether you need a specialized loan product or a standard loan our team is here to take care of you and your family. 

Licensed HUD Lender

ReNew Lending is a leading residential mortgage lender, licensed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD), that provides homebuyers and our commercial customers mortgages. 

Time is of the essence

We understand how important timing is when buying or refinancing a house. Let our experts worry about the deadlines. We will guide you through the entire loan process. Our loan officers and processors will work directly with your Realtor. 

Planning for the Future

ReNew Lending is committed to helping families obtain their dream of home ownership in today’s market. When making family financial decisions, you need trustworthy mortgage planners who will provide optimal mortgage solutions with ethical customer service. ReNew Lending is built on the principles of honesty and integrity.

The Benefits of Buying a Home

Owning a home has many benefits. When you make a mortgage payment, you are building equity which is an investment. Owning a home can also qualify you for tax breaks that actually lower your out of pocket costs. But given the freedom, stability and security of owning your own home, it is worth it.

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Buying your First Home

Let’s figure out how to best meet your goals!

You have many loan options as a First Time Homebuyer and we are here to help. 


 The Federal Housing Administration provides insured loan programs so we can get you the lowest rate. You can put as little as 3.5% down on FHA programs. The standard FHA 203(b) program might be the perfect fit for you. 

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance loans can be a great program to get you into your first home. Each State has a DPA program that is a little differnt but most give you 2% to 5% of the loan amount as a forgivable grant for the down payment. DPA loans will have some of the higher rates and conditions around the forgivable down payment funds. 

FHA Renovation 203k 

The FHA 203K loan is a program that allows you to buy a house and include the costs of renovations in the loan. You can find a house that might have everything you want except it needs a updated bathroom. Or maybe you need the kitchen done also. You can buy a house and make it your dream house before you move in and have it all included in your loan amount. When the work is completed your home is appraised and the new value is used for the final loan amount. The best part is you could easilly add equity before you even move in. You will start looking at houses with alot more potential after you talk with one of our loan specialist. 


Teamwork is the secret to success

Refinancing can take alot of weight off your shoulders. Did you know you can do a Cash out Refinance? If you have enough equity in your home you can use refinance and use the equity to pay off your car, get the cash or pay off your debt. Paying off your debt when refinancing helps lower the rate you will get when refinancing since your Debt to Income will be lowered before the loan is completed but all the debt gets paid off when you close the loan. 

Rate Term Refinance

A rate term refinance will lower your rate and keep all the equity in your home. Depending on the value and the pay off amount of your originla loan you could cut your mortgage payments in half! 

Cash Out Refinance

A cash out refinaince will take the equity you built in your home and give you access to it. Your money will go directly into your bank account or you can use it to pay off other debts. Maybe you payoff your car loan and save $500 a month and you could still see a lower Mortgage payment!

Refinance Renovation

Did you know you can Renovate your house when you refinance? A FHA renovation refinance  loan will allow you to set a renovation budget and have it all included in your loan! You can update your old house and lower your rate at the same time. Then you could benifit from adding equity to your home since the new value of the home is set after the renovations are done! 

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"Doc was amazing! He was so detailed helpful. His response rate is incredible and he made us feel so comfortable through the whole process. We felt so luck to have him as our mortgage partner. Great Great company!!"

"I had a wonderful experience with Renew Lending. Jeff was incredible and really did an excellent job helping me get my home. I would recommend him to anyone trying to purchase a home."

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